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Re: Groo Cameos

>Does anybody know which specific Usagi issues did Groo appear in ?
>On another point, I find Usagi an entertaining comic and I would start
>collecting if not for the fact that there is no color. To me, colors are an
>essential part of the comic reading experience as it really adds life to the

~~~ Yes, but some comic artists just prefer b/w format for their art.  (I'm
one of them) I think not collecting based on "no color" is an unfortunate
decision.  You're missing out on a ton of really wonderful titles.  (and
most of the world of independent titles are b/w!  --- independents are the
last bastion of creator-driven books! -- GROO aside of course.)
>By the way, what's Tom Luth involved in these days ?

~~~ Good question, ME?  I talk to him occaisionally via e-mail, he's
supposed to send me some fonts he designed so I can put them up on my
Blambot site.  He's got a nice portfolio on the COmic Colorists Unite!
website.  Might want to check that out.  Some great (color!) USAGI stuff

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