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Re: Groo Cameos

SheikOfEntropy@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 2/29/0 10:18:16 PM, "Benny_Ng"@splwg.com writes:
> >On another point, I find Usagi an entertaining comic and I would start
> >collecting if not for the fact that there is no color. To me, colors are
> >an
> >essential part of the comic reading experience as it really adds life to
> >the
> >characters.
> >
> Pleasepleaseplease just TRY ONE! Forget that it's black & white and just READ
> IT! Either you'll find it thoroughly intelligent and entertaining, or you
> won't. But skipping it because it's b&w would be like only watching the
> colorized version of Casablanca! They're both rich enough in flavor that they
> don't NEED to be colorized!
> -Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy

I couldn't agree more!! I used to avoid B&W comics because...well,
because they *were* B&W! However, I now find that Usagi is my favorite
read each month. Even more than Groo (*gasp*) or DD (*double gasp*).  I
still wouldn't want to be without the other 2, but Stan's definitely
captured my attention/interest/imagination/etc. As the shaker said: just
try one. Better yet, I HIGHLY recommend picking up one of the old TPBs.
That way you get a couple single stories, a few multi-parters, etc.
Really gives you a good cross section of what Stan & Usagi can do. :)