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Re: Groo doesn't "sell well"...


To put it short before I go back to lurking:

This is what we call Capitalism.

The Knight

At 08:49 01.03.00 -0500, you wrote:
Chad Riden wrote:

And I know less than Mark OR Chad (which is REALLY scary), but here's my
take: it's NOT just comics, it's everywhere nowadays - short term vs.
long term. It's just very readily apparent in comics. Our problem is
that we're fans of a team that are in it for the long term & want
quality. But that's not what companies or stock holders want nowadays.
They want a company that licenses...let's say...beanie babies, makes a
million, drops it like a cold potato & moves on to Pokemon which makes
more again. The problem is that if you live for short term profits,
ESPECIALLY astronomical short term profits, & you keep sinking what you
have into that sort of stuff, if a couple of those things fall flat,
you're out of business.

It is SOOOOOO short sighted of those dealers who don't order more Groo
or other comics because "they don't sell well". They don't want to get
stuck with them...but the sad thing is, what they really mean is that
they don't want to get stuck with them for more than a month...2 months
outside. That's pathetic. If Chad's store doubled their orders, they'd
probably STILL sell out within a month or two, and even if they
didn't...they WOULD sell them within 6 months. I'm REALLY getting tired
of comics & everything else that want to sell a million copies today,
but totally blow off a good long term commitment to their customers of
quality & just doing things right because they care about what they do.