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RE: Oh no, Suds is being serious!


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From: Chad Riden [mailto:chadmriden@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2000 6:17 AM
To: Sudilovsky, Ariel

you do realize, of course, that your idea will never
see print now that you've submitted an unsolicited
plot concept to Mark?

---->Really, darn I didn't know that!

Guys/Gals I am sorry for all the stress and grief my post caused.  Such was
not my intent.  The thing is there I was, lurking for a few months (I'm sure
Mark's invitation in the current series has added members to our group, just
not this one) when I realized-"Hey, these people are quite grooey.  I must
add to the mayhem.  Let me make a statement that will be taken for the joke
it is."  Hence I stated that Mark and Sergio "MUST" need story ideas.  Duh.
Obviously I'm not being serious.  The story "idea" was intended in the same
weathered vain.  I mean really -"Groofferto"-c'mon!

I've been with Groo since PC #1 (I recognized Sergio's name and the
character Groo (although I didn't know his name at the time) from Mr. A's
previous work, and had to buy it immediately).  (After reading number one I
got the back issues and read 'em in time for #2.  I gotta admit I am envious
of all of you out there that haven't read every Groo story published (or
very close to it), as you got a whole wealth of new material.  Me I just
have to wait on the current schedule.  Hard to do, but what other choice is
there.)  I guess my long history with the character makes me reluctant to
accept the tag "newbie", despite the fact that my four or so months here
does technically make me a newbie.  I don't know why we have to attach
labels to each other, but if we must can't we all just realize that we are
all "Groobies" at heart and leave the name calling at that. : ) 

I've been reading Groo letters pages since they started.  I've read Mark's
words.  I knew I wasn't submitting a story for actual use.  I just was
thinking about Groo, thought about "Groofferto" and made my self laugh so
much I wanted to share.  I hope that those that corrected my false path at
least got a little smile out of my joke, despite thinking it meant for
actual consideration.

I didn't realize we were such a serious bunch.  For my part I just can't
maintain a non joking attitude for very long, especially not here.  In fact,
I'm just about spent.  Expect most of what I post in the future to be done
in the name of jocularity and the beatific aspects such brings to our lives.
I promise to give a "Oh no, Suds is being serious" alert on the off chance I
say something serious in the future.  Why this whole thing is enough to make
me want to scream from the top of all roofs "NIA..", whoops, sorry, that
almost slipped out.


p.s.  I don't know if this question was answered already but the
Mirage/Fantagraphics runs of Usagi were in color (if my frayed (hehe) memory
serves).  The original Jade Man books were in B&W.  I can understand the
reluctance held by some at reading a B&W comic book.  Hell, it used to be a
point of contention with me too.  Of course, once I got passed that, I
realized that B&W artwork has merits of its own.  Stan's linework is
showcased by the B&W art.  Don't let the B&W push you away from Usagi as you
are doing yourself a disservice.  Hell. if it means that much maybe you
could just color 'em yourself! : )

p.p.s.  Hey, I just had an idea.  I know that Mark, Sergio and Stan MUST
need story ideas, so how about if Groo and Miyamoto Usagi were mystically
melded into one being.  It would make an excellent story.  You could even
call it "Groosagi Yojimbo"...  

--- "Sudilovsky, Ariel" <ASudilov@Calfee.com> wrote:
> I have an idea!  I figger that Mark and Sergio MUST
> need some story ideas,
> so I'm doing my part to help out.
> For the next mini-series the premise of the story
> should be "What if Groo
> and Rufferto were merged together into one being?" 
> Obviously this would let
> Arba and Dacarba return.  Maybe at the end Sage
> could show up to help turn
> the duo into a wono.  I can see it now, a Rufferto
> headed spotted Groo.  I'm
> getting giddy just thinking about it.  Of course,
> the epic would be entitled
> simply "Groofferto", and this title would provide
> the added benefit of
> cutting down on the cost of ink--you wouldn't have
> to print anything like
> "Groo and Rufferto: Dogs and Barbarians" or whatever
> the next title was
> slated as. 
> Oh yeah--it's gonna be good.
> Later,
> Suds
> Hey, has anyone seen that confounded cheese dip?

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