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RE: Groosagi - I LIKE it!!

Yeah.  Now we're talkin'(cheese dip)!

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Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2000 1:33 PM
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Subject: Groosagi - I LIKE it!!

"Sudilovsky, Ariel" wrote:

> p.p.s.  Hey, I just had an idea.  I know that Mark, Sergio and Stan MUST
> need story ideas, so how about if Groo and Miyamoto Usagi were mystically
> melded into one being.  It would make an excellent story.  You could even
> call it "Groosagi Yojimbo"...

Hey. Why not just create a whole "What If...?" elseworlds kind of thing
with Groo melding into diff. characters each week: Grooperman, the Man
of Cheese; Groodevil: the Barbarian without Sense; Batgroo, the Dark

Now, it's just gotten silly!! Cheesedip! Cheesedip!

Oops, now I'm melding into various Groopers! D#*$!  (<-- I'm sorry but I
had to censor that)

We could let Groo be in my new comic: Lint McGroo Mysteries!

If Sergio draws the Groo, I'll buy it, else it goes in the Other Groo

Uh, oh...I've become Grooper-Man...an amalgamation of all the Groopers!
(Now, THAT's a scary thought!!)