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you know

Hi guys/grrls!

Kevin wrote:
Oops, now I'm melding into various Groopers!
D#*$! (<-- I'm sorry but Ihad to censor that)

Uh, no swearing ...

Gary wrote:
Take care all -Gary G. (who is sick and needs
to go to bed) No, not that kind of sick,
that's a given. I mean the kind where you
drink lots of liquids and feel like...Oh, hi
Eric! Well you know what I mean.

Uh, no swearing ...

Larry wrote:
Yeah, sometimes when I'm sick I get the urge
to say hello to Eric too?

Oh, good grief ...

Also, I know I shoulda oughta had known that
you knew about the Groo drawings in the UY
comic books.  Anyway, I know you probably
don't know about the multipage article in
the latest issue of Comics Scene 2000, about
Sergio 'n Mark 'n Sergio Stomps Star Warz 'n
marginals 'n Groo 'n it contains the drawing
of the army piled up together on the left 'n
Groo 'n Rufferto on the right (which I think
is the original art page that Gary bought) ...
The magazine costs around $6.00 or $7.00 (or
something like that).

See you.

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