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Yeah I agree too, but I guess it's actually a chicken and egg question.

They don't market much becoz they don't have enough $$ cash to allocate for
They don't have enough $$ becoz the sales are weak.
The sales are weak becoz of poor marketing.

It's a vicious cycle. It'll take a very brave CEO to break it (ie. change! ...
the magic word) and start pumping the much needed $$ into marketing. CEO's are
mostly about performance during each quarter. If they think too far and lose $$
in the short term, they may not be around (ie. sacked !) to reap the rewards in
the long term.

bennido aka kool kat

3: I don't blame the Groo Crew... I don't blame Dark
Horse... I don't blame the Groo Zealots out there...
I blame some weird thing about the comics industry
that makes it NOT advertise and market itself, slowly
killing itself in the process.