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Re: Groo doesn't "sell well"...

It is SOOOOOO short sighted of those dealers who don't order more Groo
or other comics because "they don't sell well". They don't want to get
stuck with them...but the sad thing is, what they really mean is that
they don't want to get stuck with them for more than a month...2 months
outside. That's pathetic.

On the other hand, how many of us are loyal to a single comic shop? Kind of a laughable concept when one thinks of how short-sighted they seem to be, but I believe we can be short sighted as well. How can we help from our end? I live in Seattle, and there are 3 or 4 stores I usually go to to get Groo, but I often go to the one that's most convenient when I remember in my mind that Groo is out. That's not always fair to the shop owners who have to guess as to weather I'm coming or not on a given month.

I think it comes down to being altruistic. If you want to realize your dreams, you have to be as sensitive to the dreams of others as you are to your own. Their dream is to run a successful buisness, ours is to enhance our lives by enjoying quality entertainment. That doesn't mean anyone should be a martyr, but I believe that it does involve a measure of sacrifice. Is it too much for me to go to the same shop every month and give that dealer someone to count on? No. And it's not too much for me to start a hold(if possible) and ask him to throw everything "new Groo" in there, either.

Kevin's rant on short-term gain was beautiful. My oppinion on the matter is that the comic book industry is like our country: Way too "fast food" for our own good. We've become too used to instant gratification, and we are forgetting that a little sacrifice and patience pays off over a long period of time. When I think about how cool it was when Groo was monthly, and when I read what Mark has to say about the market, I'm really convinced that the answer is to take a personal stand for the things I really enjoy. If I go into a shop, and they're out of Groo, well... maybe if I don't want the comic book industry to be "fast food", I should stop going into comic shops like they are McDonalds.



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