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Re: you know

This reminds me. Yesterday I found "Dark Horse Presents Jr."... apparently the DHP annual for 1999, and it contains a really cool B&W 8-page Li'l Groo story called "Groo For Sale"! It's a great annual, also including short stories about many Dark Horse characters(Usagi, Concrete, Luke Skywalker, Etc.) when they were young.

Gary (or anyone), was this on the recently posted listing of Groo releases? If so I must have missed it...


Anyway, I know you probably
don't know about the multipage article in
the latest issue of Comics Scene 2000, about
Sergio 'n Mark 'n Sergio Stomps Star Warz 'n
marginals 'n Groo 'n it contains the drawing
of the army piled up together on the left 'n
Groo 'n Rufferto on the right (which I think
is the original art page that Gary bought) ...
The magazine costs around $6.00 or $7.00 (or
something like that).

See you.

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