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Re: you know

Yes, this has come up.  It's on the Groo List under the Original Groo
Publications section right in between Dark Horse mini-series #2 & #3 (the
current one)

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> This reminds me.  Yesterday I found "Dark Horse Presents Jr."...
> the DHP annual for 1999, and it contains a really cool B&W 8-page Li'l
> story called "Groo For Sale"!  It's a great annual, also including short
> stories about many Dark Horse characters(Usagi, Concrete, Luke Skywalker,
> Etc.) when they were young.
> Gary (or anyone), was this on the recently posted listing of Groo
> If so I must have missed it...
> -Al
> >Anyway, I know you probably
> >don't know about the multipage article in
> >the latest issue of Comics Scene 2000, about
> >Sergio 'n Mark 'n Sergio Stomps Star Warz 'n
> >marginals 'n Groo 'n it contains the drawing
> >of the army piled up together on the left 'n
> >Groo 'n Rufferto on the right (which I think
> >is the original art page that Gary bought) ...
> >The magazine costs around $6.00 or $7.00 (or
> >something like that).
> >
> >See you.
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