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you know & Groo doesn't "sell well"...

> On the other hand, how many of us are loyal to a single comic shop?  Kind
> a laughable concept when one thinks of how short-sighted they seem to be,
> but I believe we can be short sighted as well.  How can we help from our
> end?  I live in Seattle, and there are 3 or 4 stores I usually go to to
> Groo, but I often go to the one that's most convenient when I remember in
> mind that Groo is out.  That's not always fair to the shop owners who have
> to guess as to weather I'm coming or not on a given month.

You need to move 60 miles south here to Olympia where we have 2 comic book
shops run by folks who are all best friends and who engender great loyalty
because they are so cool.  They aslo both love Groo & Usagi.  What shops to
you usually go to?

btw, comparing Groo & Usagi is like comparing protein & fat in a
carbohydrate filled world.  You need some of both to live, but they are
completely different.  (If the makes sense to you, you are in big trouble.
My excuse is that I have a fever and should be in bed.)

The art I have is the "indicia" page from The Groo Adventurer.  Sergio
seemlessly added a caricture of himself
in among the piles of warriors.  I will have to get Comics Scene 2000 even
though it doesn't sound like it has any original Groo sightings.  Take care
all -Gary "pass the tylenol" Grossmann