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Hear, Hear, Chad.
I no longer support my local comics shops because most won't carry Groo and the few that do always sell out very quickly. When I elected to have them hold me a copy it always looked like a truck ran over it when I went to pay for it. I order everything online now (I order several TPB's or comics at once to make the shipping fair). I will support only those places who are willing to carry what I am interested in purchasing. The rest can quietly go out of business. . .

Angry finn

1: Mark certainly knows what he is talking about and I
(as anyone who knows me is sure) do not... BUT:

2: when I go into local comic book shops (in
Knoxville, Tennessee) and ask for Groo, they say "we
had a few copies, but they're gone... we don't order
them because they don't sell very well." I, of course,
want one... and can't get one.  Yet, they don't "sell
well enough" to have them in stock.  That pisses me
off.  So I either have to have a shop owner specially
order them, get a friend to go into the shop the DAY
IT COMES OUT to snatch up a copy for me, order it
online from some distributor, or get it a few weeks
later for an inflated price on ebay.

3: I don't blame the Groo Crew... I don't blame Dark
Horse... I don't blame the Groo Zealots out there...
I blame some weird thing about the comics industry
that makes it NOT advertise and market itself, slowly
killing itself in the process.

4: I love Groo, and can't get enough of it... and
nobody wants to sell it.

Chad M. Riden
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