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Re: you know & Groo doesn't "sell well"...

You need to move 60 miles south here to Olympia where we have 2 comic book
shops run by folks who are all best friends and who engender great loyalty
because they are so cool.  They aslo both love Groo & Usagi.  What shops to
you usually go to?

Well, there's a couple on the north end of the 'Ave', and two more on the south end in the U-district (one is "The Comic Stand"). In Wallingford there's a nice one on 45th kinda by Dick's Burgers, and Psycho 5 comics up on Lake City. I've gone to all of them for Groo (shame). I'm probably going to pick one in the U-dist. and stick with it simply because I'm often there.

You think I should *move* to Olympia? I have to admit, it is very beautiful down there, but I don't know if I could handle the idea of living in the same city that holds the "Grossman Groo Collection". What if we became friends, and you invited me over to see your collection and I became irrationally jealous? What if it kept me up at night for months on end, tossing and turning with covetous delusions of your Groo Statue? What if I tried to rob you and you had to get on the list and tell everyone about how your wife impaled me with the one of the replica Groo swords you keep on a gunrack above your head board? No, it's better if I stay in Seattle... it gives my collection room to feel good about itself.

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