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Re: Groo doesn't "sell well"...

Hi there, I'm new to the list, but old to comics and Groo.  I have
watched many a shop come and go and it seems that the store owner that
cares about his customers and concerns often go under, whilst the
extremely rude "pusher" personality (you know one..."You don't want
that...buy this instead since I have it in stock") seems to maintain its

I am fortunate to have recently found a comic shop, where the owners are
pretty much willing to order anything you ask for. They are however
reluctant to order extra copies to put on the shelf because most of their
business is from those that know what they want and not walk ins.  It's
all a matter of what people want to buy, and how...and sadly those with a
tatse for things that require a bit of intellegence to enjoy are few in
number. (Least common denominator wins in mass market almost every

Joe "I waste way too much time" Wynne

Denis Hackney wrote:

> Jason Wade wrote:
> > So there are some shop owners out there you aren't just trying to
> > make a buck, but also trying to spread enjoyment of the medium.
> Yes, but the problem there is that some of the shop owners out there
> not just trying to make a buck don't end up making enough bucks to
> keep their store open.  This has just happened to the shop I bought my
> Groo from.  However, the very large music/comic shop across the street
> from this shop is still open and selling comics, even though they
> don't care anywhere near as much about the comics or their readers.
> >From the "Sad But True" Files,
> Denis.
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