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RE: Groo Cameos

OK everyone........for us "newbies", or at least THIS newbie, could you
please tell me about USAGI, I don't know anything about comics beyond
GROO.  Everyone keeps talking about it and I feel I MUST be missing out!


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> Subject: 	RE: Groo Cameos
> I have loved Groo for a long time, and the book will always be
> extremely
> high on my list.  I've gotten into Usagi over the last five years and
> that
> book has skyrocketed to the top of my like list.  I don't let the two
> compete in my mind 'cuz that would be too painful.  Actually they kind
> of
> are held as different genres by me.  Groo is a "funny" book that has
> "serious" connotations.  Usagi is a "serious" book that has "funny"
> connotations.
> Later,
> Suds
> Long live Groosagi!
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> >Pleasepleaseplease just TRY ONE! Forget that it's black & white and
> just 
> Actually, i almost like Usagi better than Groo these days (ducks to
> avoid 
> thrown rocks)