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Usagi Summary

At 09:46 AM 03/02/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>OK everyone........for us "newbies", or at least THIS newbie, could you
>please tell me about USAGI, I don't know anything about comics beyond
>GROO.  Everyone keeps talking about it and I feel I MUST be missing out!

~~~ USAGI is based on the Japanese legend of Musashi Miyamoto, arguably,
the greatest swordsman who ever lived.  Stan Sakai's world has animorphed
characters (kind of animals, kind of people) and each issue chronicles the
travels of Usagi, a ronin rabbit. (A Ronin is a masterless samurai).

Stan Sakai goes out of his way to make Usagi as much a documentary about
feudal Japanese life as  an entertaining comic.  The details are dead on,
and he does amazing background research.  From the settings, to
architecture, to swordplay to mythology.  

And it's a great read.  


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