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RE: Usagi

Well Tricia (you sweet newbie, you), let me tell you about Usagi Yojimbo.

It is an excellent comic book.  If you have ever enjoyed as little as one
comic book, you should check it out ('cuz you'll quickly finding yourself
liking two comic books).

It's been going on for some years, and here is a partial description of its
publishing history.  It started some years ago (10 or more), and its first
continuing run was from Jade Man Comics (I think it went around 36 issues).
Next came a short run at Mirage/Fantagraphics.  These books were in color,
and I think went somewhere around 17 issues.  They also put out a
mini-series-Space Usagi-about one of the original Usagi's relatives in the
future.  Finally Usagi found a home at Dark Horse, where he has been for
coming on 40 issues.  There have been other appearances, by himself and in
other titles.  The most recent I can think of was in Oni Presents (or is
that Double Feature).

The book itself is a retelling of the story of Miyamoto Musashi (sp?) a
legendary figure in Japanese culture.  Musashi lived around the 1600's and
was instrumental in the political happenings of the time.  Usagi is
anthropomorphic.  Usagi himself, a rabbit.  

Y'know I could go one trying to entice you to pick it up, but it would
probably be easier just to check out this website: www.usagiyojimbo.com.

Ari (me salty newbie, me)

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OK everyone........for us "newbies", or at least THIS newbie, could you
please tell me about USAGI, I don't know anything about comics beyond
GROO.  Everyone keeps talking about it and I feel I MUST be missing out!


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> I have loved Groo for a long time, and the book will always be
> extremely
> high on my list.  I've gotten into Usagi over the last five years and
> that
> book has skyrocketed to the top of my like list.  I don't let the two
> compete in my mind 'cuz that would be too painful.  Actually they kind
> of
> are held as different genres by me.  Groo is a "funny" book that has
> "serious" connotations.  Usagi is a "serious" book that has "funny"
> connotations.
> Later,
> Suds
> Long live Groosagi!
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> >Pleasepleaseplease just TRY ONE! Forget that it's black & white and
> just 
> Actually, i almost like Usagi better than Groo these days (ducks to
> avoid 
> thrown rocks)