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RE: Usagi Summary

And, thanks to Stan Sakai's awesome tales, I won a bet during Who Wants
To Be a Millionaire  (Should be Who Wants Cheese Dip) when the question
was "What is the name of the sash around a Kimono?" and I correctly knew
it to be an Obi from my readings of Usagi.

Also a slight correction to SUDS biblio of Usagi.  There are actually
two mini-series of a futuristic Usagi.  He also turned up a few times in
TMNT.  And my favorite cover (to tie it back to this list) is the issue
where they are at a kite flying exhibition and one of the kites has
Sergio as a Samurai.
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>>OK everyone........for us "newbies", or at least THIS newbie, could you
>>please tell me about USAGI, I don't know anything about comics beyond
>>GROO.  Everyone keeps talking about it and I feel I MUST be missing out!
>~~~ USAGI is based on the Japanese legend of Musashi Miyamoto, arguably,
>the greatest swordsman who ever lived.  Stan Sakai's world has animorphed
>characters (kind of animals, kind of people) and each issue chronicles the
>travels of Usagi, a ronin rabbit. (A Ronin is a masterless samurai).
>Stan Sakai goes out of his way to make Usagi as much a documentary about
>feudal Japanese life as  an entertaining comic.  The details are dead on,
>and he does amazing background research.  From the settings, to
>architecture, to swordplay to mythology.  
>And it's a great read.  
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