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Re: Is there a digest version of the list?

At 09:17 AM 03/02/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm begining to get a lot of groo mail is there a digest version of the
>list? so that way i can get only one message a day but still be able to
>read all the groopers?

~~~~ Nope.  You have to get used to it or bail I guess.  We've seen quite a
few people do that.  Some folks read just the e-mails from certain people,
some read it all, some probably just read ME's.  This list is a funny
place.  I've been here long enough to be an "old timer" and it seems to go
through a rollercoaster of spurts and lows.  It's either really busy
(usually because a bunch of newbies joined)  or it's really slow.  You'll
also notice that Fridays are unusually slow no matter what the status of
the list is.  We've never figured that one out.

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