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messages, digests, etc. ATTN: JOSH!! :)

Vaughn Seward wrote:
> Here, here!  I agree (sort of)... this is my annual whine about the
> proliferation of messages. I say this at the risk of encouraging more
> messages on the subject.    :J)
> ~Vaughn Seward
>  >>
> I'm begining to get a lot of groo mail is there a digest version of the
> list? so that way i can get only one message a day but still be able to
> read all the groopers?
> F.
>  >>

Unlike when the Groop began, or even at Vaughn's last annual whine (it
was a better vintage, I think), there are a number of message group
sites out there that VERY easily could take care of ALL of this. What do
you think, Josh? Onelist/egroups is VERY easy to do all this stuff
through. I moderate/co-moderate about 3 groups there. You'd still be the
owner/moderator, people could put themselves in digest mode if they
wish, an archive is maintained, and there's some other nice tools as