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how did you find groo?

Someone pointed out to me a rather good illustration in a comic they had borrowed off their brother and I was hooked.  It was Bill Sienkiewicz's artwork in Elektra Assassin that made me realise that comics were more than the crude badly printed rags that us English 'kids' grew up with.     'Stray Toasters', 'The Dark Knight Returns' (possibly the best ?) and some other stuff like 'Kid Eternity' followed..   
On one fateful day in search of something different I made an impulse purchase of 'The Smokehouse Five' which was drawn by this chap who did the little MAD doodles (still not sure how to pronounce Aragones... sorry Sergio) which in time led to everybodies favourite.....Groo !!!  It changed my life.....   It became a search not only for back issues but for a comic store that remained open for more than six months at a time !   In a roundabout way it also led me to my wife but thats a really tenuous link.... 
Sorry all - another newbie mail in your inbox !!!
Is anyone working on that Sergio and ME bibliography or is that a stupid newbie question that has you all sniggering somewhere in cyberspace?
ps.. if anyone has read Kingdom Come.. am I being really stupid or is the Spectre sposed to be someone specific.. cant place him and im feeling like Ive missed something.
Anyone else that appreciates good drawings could do worse than check out:
<Long live the Smokehouse Five>