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Re: how did you find groo?

Hi Gary,

Is The Official Unofficial Groo List posted anywhere on the net ? If it is, then
you can just keep updating a central copy instead of sending it again every time
there's a change or a newbie requests it.

bennido aka kool kat

I maintain The Official Unofficial Groo List, which attemps to be a complete
list of everywhere an original drawing of Groo (by Sergio) has appeared and
anything that could be remotely considered a Groo item.  It includes a list of
all Publications with original Groo stories, reprints of those stories,
International reprints, Groo merchandise and misc. items, appearances in MAD
magazine, and original appearances in other publications and places.  Some of
these latter are very teeny tiny drawings.  I also try to find all of these
things for my Groo collection.  It doesn't include original art or other
one-of-a-kind items and it doesn't include reprints or preprints of panels used
in ads.

Ruben, the very first person to subscribe to this list after Josh Jones created
it, has tried to compile a complete list of everything that Sergio has ever
done, while collecting it here and there as he can.  He calls it the
Sergiography.   It's an open question as to which of us is more deranged.

No one has attempted to compile a list of everything that Mark has done and
frankly, I think this would be harder to do because so much of what Mark does is
essentially intangible. -Gary G.