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Star Wars meets the dynamic duo, MESA ...

Dear ME,

I just read Sergio Stomps Star Wars last night. It was totally awesome !! I have
to admit I was a bit apprehensive when I first picked it up. I thought it'll be
something like another MAD magazine satire of Star Wars. But you can imagine how
pleased I was when I realized that it was really much much more.

In fact, the only disappointment (minor one though) I had was that Sergio never
got involved in the Hoth Battle scene (which is my fav sequence in all the Star
Wars movies) in the comic contents. I was expecting something on it coz of the
cover which shows an AT-AT walker.

Just out of curiousity, did theGeorge Lucas approve of the comic personally ?
Was he involved with the project in any way ?
Did you and Sergio really go to the Lucasfilm studios ?

It will be sooo interesting if you could tell us
(Groopies-who-are-also-Star-Wars-fans) the background story behind the project !

Great stuff, ME!! And Sergio too, of course !!

bennido aka kool kat

p.s. nice touch with the Groo, Mighty Magnor and Crossfire comics in the
newsstand at the end !