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Groo Power Lunch

Well, I did my part today to help introduce a new generation of readers to 

I'm part of a volunteer mentoring program called "Power Lunch," where once a 
week I get to eat New York City Public Schools Cafeteria Food (YECCCH!!! Groo 
would love it, I guess) and have a one-on-one with a ten year old boy named 
Elias. I've had the same student for three years now, and the idea is that we 
read together, helping to promote the joy of reading while giving him the 
kind of one-on-one attention that he wouldn't otherwise have access to. It's 
not actually a remedial program, rather they take kids who enjoy reading and 
are willing to give up recess once a week. 

Anyway, as a change of pace today I brought along The Groo Inferno; we read 
the first two stories and talked about them. I kind of had to fill him in on 
the various inside jokes. Since the first tale involved Groo sinking ships, I 
was pleased to see that he immediately got the gag in the second issue, when 
Groo is turned into a fish to get The Great Wizard's amulet-half and, spying 
a shipwreck, remarks "That ship looks familiar" (or words to that affect. 
Hey, I'm LARRY, not GARY). I'm proud to say that, in true Groo fashion, our 
laughter significantly disturbed the other Power Lunch Partners!

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik Of Entropy