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Re: Groo doesn't "sell well"...

Guess it's my turn for TALES OF THE COMIC SHOPPE!!!

I happened upon my current favorite, Midtown Comics, only because it's 
EXTREMELY convenient; I have to walk past it to get to the Port Authority Bus 
Terminal on my way home from work. 

They're a pretty large store that stocks a good variety of titles, and the 
guys who run it are decent folks who are knowledgeable about comics, are all 
readers and fans themselves, and are very friendly. From DAY ONE they all 
made it a point to know my name and comment on my interests. They have a good 
free reserve system, where you just have to order a minimum of something like 
twelve or so different titles a month. 

Regardless of how many or how few comics you buy, everyone is eligible for 
their rebate system: they keep track of your spending, and for every $100 in 
comics, books and other reading material (no expensive statues and stuff) you 
get a $20 rebate. Not a bad gig, really. 

The important thing is their attitude. Some stores with reserve systems are 
very strict about what you order. I had one store where you had to pay in 
advance for reserves, $100 at a time, and you needed to give them TWO MONTHS 
notice in order to drop a title from your list (I don't ever so much as step 
foot in that store anymore). These guys are sincere when they say feel free 
to put any of your reserves back on the shelf if you change your mind about 
wanting to buy it; that's pretty rare!!!

They seem to bee thriving, so best of luck, Midtown Comics, and keep up the 
good work!!!

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy