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Re: OneList

SheikOfEntropy@aol.com wrote:
> If you all just want a change because of the current Mailstrom, be
> patient and it will pass.

Yeah, what Larry said.

It seems every so often (usually around when the latest Groo series
comes out - I wander if that's a coincidence...?) we get a whole heap
of new people at once, who post a whole heap of stuff at once, so the
list gets unusually busy for a little while.  It's about this time
that people start talking about things like digests and moving the
list, but eventually everyone stops to think about it, and being Groo
fans usually forget to start again, and so it all goes quiet again.

Don't worry people - normally on this list we're lucky to get 40-50
posts a *week*, but at the moment it's a bit busier, and it *will*

One thing we do need, and have needed for a while now, is an FAQ we
can pass on to people as they sign up, so we don't get every newbie
coming in asking things like "Why is it so quiet/noisy/off-topic in
here" and "can you list every Groo that's ever been published".  I
think it's about time this got done, and so am volunteering to do it.

I've got a few ideas to get going on, but if anyone has any topics
they'd like to see covered in the FAQ, send me (just me, no need to
clog up the Groop with this sort of thing) an email and I'll stick it
in.  Once I've got something written I'll stick it on the web
somewhere and we can start discussing it, OK?

Denis Hackney - http://members.optusnet.com.au/~dhackney/
  I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me
    to see me looking back at you...