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Re: M.E. polls the Groop

oooooooo K...

Here goes:

Mark Evanier wrote:

> 1. Do you have any reason to not like this idea?

Would these multi-ussie stories then be left out of the a-z volumes? If
so, that could confuse some people. "Heeeey...I thought issue #blah came
after this...?"

Otherwise it sounds like a great idea to boost some Groo readership
quickly without you and Sergio having to work for months and months on
new Graphic novels. A lot of readers have missed out on some great stuff.

> 2. Which story-arcs from Epic/Marvel would you most like to see in
> this format?

I would personally like the THAIIS (or is it Thais?) series to be in one
book with NO Groograms in between parts. With all the to-ing and fro-ing,
I keep forgetting what happens between issues! Groograms could be put
last in the book.

Another thing I just thought of and I really hope this doesn´t constitue
a story idea as much as a format/concept idea. It would be cool to see
Groo in some really epic (no pun) stories....you know, something "end of
the world"ish in scale. It would be a change of pace from the running
back and forth between towns format. What do you think Mark? Groop?


jOe ,

Swede Grooper Trooper