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Re: M.E. polls the Groop


I think it'd be cool to separate the 4-parters from the alphabetical system, and call them by their respective series titles. It will add due emphasis to title the TPB's of such 4-part epics as Wager Of The Gods, and Man of The People. (Ahh... religion and politics. What appropriate TPB's to go with drug abuse and corrupt sensationalism)

Besides, you're already planning to go out of order with the KINGDOM and the LIBRARY. Plus you'll have to do it again if you decide to keep all four Chakaal issues together. I like the alpha-system for the self-contained and short run tales.


From: Mark Evanier <me@evanier.com>
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Subject: M.E. polls the Groop
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 22:48:35 -0800

Here's a question you can help us decide...

As you know, Dark Horse puts out two kinds of GROO paperbacks.  One
kind -- let's call it the Alphabet Volumes -- collects four old GROO
issues from the Epic/Marvel days.  THE GROO INSIDER was the most
recent one of these.  The next is THE GROO JAMBOREE.

We also have the collections that gather together four issues of the
Dark Horse paperback -- such as the forthcoming GROO & RUFFERTO trade

The Alphabet Volumes have been going in sequence -- the first had 1-4,
the second had 5-8 and so on.  Pretty soon, we're going to start going
slightly out of sequence because some multi-issue stories don't fit
neatly into the books if we take each four issues in a row.

Now, during the Epic/Marvel days, we did several four issue story arcs
-- like "The War of the Gods" and the Thaiis saga.  We're thinking of
issuing those more in the format of the four-issue-story books like
GROO & RUFFERTO.  In other words, THE WAR OF THE GODS would be a
self-contained paperback instead of those issues appearing in THE GROO
SCHOLAR or whatever that Alphabet volume would be called.  So the
questions I put before the Groop are...

1. Do you have any reason to not like this idea?

2. Which story-arcs from Epic/Marvel would you most like to see in
this format?

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