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Re: M.E. polls the Groop

I say pull them from the "Alphabet" and give them their own title Trade

Then again, people not in the group who buy the alphabet ones in order may
say: "Hey! Where the hell did those other issues go?!?!?" That would be if
they are dumn enough not to read the plugs and stuff. Some kids only read
the comic and not the intros or letters page.

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> The thing I perhaps didn't make clear is that, if we continue to
> reprint four per book, the four-issue Thaiis story will be in one
> volume anyway.  We'd rearrange the order to make it come out that way.
> The only real question is whether we'd name it as one of the alphabet
> volumes or call it GROO: THE THAIIS SAGA or something like that.