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FW: M.E. polls the Groop

Well, I'm afraid I would be unable to provide an intelligent opinion on
this as I've only just returned to the fine world of Groo.  I have not
yet purchased any paperbacks and what-not.  However, I'm sure whatever
you decide will work out wonderfully!

Best wishes,
Goalielover (Trish)  ;o)

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> From: 	Mark Evanier[SMTP:me@evanier.com]
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> Sent: 	3-Mar-2000 01:48
> To: 	groop@groo.com
> Subject: 	M.E. polls the Groop
> Here's a question you can help us decide...
> As you know, Dark Horse puts out two kinds of GROO paperbacks.  One
> kind -- let's call it the Alphabet Volumes -- collects four old GROO
> issues from the Epic/Marvel days.  THE GROO INSIDER was the most
> recent one of these.  The next is THE GROO JAMBOREE.
> We also have the collections that gather together four issues of the
> Dark Horse paperback -- such as the forthcoming GROO & RUFFERTO trade
> paperback.
> The Alphabet Volumes have been going in sequence -- the first had 1-4,
> the second had 5-8 and so on.  Pretty soon, we're going to start going
> slightly out of sequence because some multi-issue stories don't fit
> neatly into the books if we take each four issues in a row.  
> Now, during the Epic/Marvel days, we did several four issue story arcs
> -- like "The War of the Gods" and the Thaiis saga.  We're thinking of
> issuing those more in the format of the four-issue-story books like
> GROO & RUFFERTO.  In other words, THE WAR OF THE GODS would be a
> self-contained paperback instead of those issues appearing in THE GROO
> SCHOLAR or whatever that Alphabet volume would be called.  So the
> questions I put before the Groop are...
> 1. Do you have any reason to not like this idea?
> 2. Which story-arcs from Epic/Marvel would you most like to see in
> this format?
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