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Mark's Alphabet naming thing discussion

Mark, I suggest you keep the alphabet thing going but how about subtitling it when it is a four-part story. For example, you might have something like:

The Groo Trauma
"The Thaiis Saga"

This way us numb-minded folk who like to keep our collections in order will be satisfied and we'll also know what story line it contains by just looking at the cover.

~Vaughn Seward
(Mailstrom 2000 surviver...so far)

The thing I perhaps didn't make clear is that, if we continue to
reprint four per book, the four-issue Thaiis story will be in one
volume anyway. We'd rearrange the order to make it come out that way.
The only real question is whether we'd name it as one of the alphabet
volumes or call it GROO: THE THAIIS SAGA or something like that.