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Oral Interpretation of Groo

Hi, Groop!  

I am newly back to the Groo list and don't recall posting much
when I was on before.  I am in a Groo-related quandary and am requesting
assistance to dig myself out of this quagmire of cheese dip. I am taking
a class in Oral Interpretation of Literature and would like to preform a
Groo for my poetry assignment (not to be confused with Grooing for my
assignment). Two questions:

1.  Can anyone suggest a good Minstrel-intensive Groo?
2.  Mark, how do you pronounce your last name?  I don't want to butcher it
in front of 30 people.

I won't ask about Sergio's name since I seem to recall that question being
asked in a Groo-Gram and the answer being "Sergio Aragones"

Janet Styffe

ps: is "Groo" capitalized when used as a verb?