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Re: New Merchandise

Oh, yes, I'd buy a Groo action figure.  And so would everyone else on this
Groop, I'll bet.  If anyone has seen the Usagi Yojimbo figure, I think
that's a great format.  Usagi comes with his swords, spear AND a tokage
lizard (Stan's substitution for wildlife).  The same would work with Groo,
only he'd come with Rufferto -- and maybe the sword sheaths on his back
with slots that you could slide his katanas (katanae?) into.

	And just think of how many characters (and cool accessories) this
line would have -- It'd be terrific.  Just imagine the Minstrel's lute
(including half a dozen interchangeable bits for the end).  And big
playsets, too, like a ship that breaks in half when you place Groo's foot
in a certain slot.  Or a killable dragon that comes with Groo, Chakaal and

	Oh, well, I can dream, can't I?


On Fri, 3 Mar 2000 tricia@radiocbs.com wrote:

> GROO Action Figures would be AMAZING!!  
> Goalielover
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> > More than anything, I'd like to see more Groo merchandise. How about
> > some
> > action figures?  I'd also like to see the Groo Poster reprinted.  More
> > hardcovers, a Chakall statue?  A Sage statue, or just action figures.
> > More,
> > More, More.  I'd also like to see an nice big hardcover of Sergio's
> > artwork
> > from all of the Mad Magazines and everything else he's done, like a
> > coffeetable book.
> > 
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