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Kenner Announces Groo Action Figures

     Regarding the Groo action figures that are currently being discussed, 
     some of the newbies may not have seen and may be interested in the 
     following post that was sent to the Groop last year:
Kenner, manufacturer of the highly successful Star Wars action figure 
line, has announced a new line based on the comic book Groo the 
Wanderer.  The figures will be released in two series.  The first 
series is due out in June 1999 and will feature the following fully 
poseable characters:  Groo, Rufferto, Chakaal, Sage, and Minstrel.  The 
Groo action figure will be five inches tall with removable swords.  The 
characters in the second series have not been announced yet, but are 
scheduled for release in December 1999.  Also planned for December 
production is a medieval castle set for the Groo action figures.  The  
action figures will be packaged on cards with unique artwork for each 
character by Groo artist Sergio Aragones.  To publicize the new line, 
Kenner will give away a special, limited edition Groo action figure 
t-shirt designed by Aragones to the first 500 customers to access the 
Groo section on Kenner's web site.  The web address is:
Mike S.
     The post was dated April 1st, of course.  Therefore, some moron was
     just playing an April Fools joke.  
     Oh wait, that moron was me (gee,it wasn't any funnier the second time 
     Mike S.
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