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Newbies take Note

Well..... since we've got so many new folks, I thought I'd go over some
helpful resources for ya.

Here are some sites for newbies and us old timers alike:

The Groop Awards

Kev Hall, Lia Bulaong, Magnus Lindgren and myself put this together to give
awards for members of the groop in special groo-character catagories.

The Hall of Mendicants

I designed this site as sort of a yellowpages directory to the groop
members.  It's got pictures of many of us  and a ton of other stuff like a
FAQ about groop gags and such, a bulletin board,  the Groo guitar that I
designed and an HOM award section for outstanding contributions.   I just
couldn't find the time to upkeep it so now it's public domain for any
HTML-ing groopmate to take care of.


Started by yours truly, many of the groop's ranks are artistically
inclined, and we're all a little crazy, so with the plethora of groop
inside jokes, we drew a bunch of comic strips.  Chris Schechner... we're
still waiting......

You can also go to the official GROO site for 
Guess the Groopie

, a game I came up with that Josh Jones put together to try and match groop
mates with their pictures.

Of course there's the
Round Robins we did that were mentioned a couple of days ago too.  We're
awaiting the conclusion of the second bout.  (don't know the address off

This should keep the newbies busy for a few days!

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