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Re: M.E. polls the Groop

2. Which story-arcs from Epic/Marvel would you most like to see in
> this format?

Actually... I'd like to see the Chakaal ones in their own book. Since
everyone seems to be throwing in their own crazy ideas, I'd like to see each
charater put to it's own Chronicles. Like... all the Chakaal stories put
together.. all the Toronto appearances put together, all the Arba Dakarba
appearances put in one book...

An even crazier thought, Make a hardcover volume set that comes with Groo
bookends and each volume containing 10 issues.. WOW!! I'd actually display
that out in the open in my bookcase and not stored away in some box.in a
closet :) Now THAT would be too cool. You could even do one of those "Book
Club" things and send out one volume every month.. yeah, maybe that part
sounds a bit crazy... but you get that idea.