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Wow.. of all the people I replied to, it had to be Mark...
----- Wow... 14 years now and the whole time, I was saying All the Names like

Mark (Rhyme with Spark)

E (Rhyme with Key)
Vein (like in your arm)
E (Rhyme with Glee)
Err (Did I?)

and Poor Sergio.... (Whatever Rhymes with Sergio)

Air (Michael Jordan)
Uhhh (What my dum self says)
Gone (Bets I had on this)
Ez (Rhyme with Pez)

Tom (Rhyme with Bomb)
Luth (Rhyme With Tooth)

Stan (Rhyme with Man)
Sack (Gonna hit it after this letter)
Eye (Please don't punch me there
after tearing up these names for years)

Boy go I feel like a dope now... Someone care to take time to properly
pronounce the Groo Character names so I can be disappointed more? heh heh...

Like Chakaal (Shuh - Call). Bet I got that one wrong.Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, March 03, 2000 8:47 PM

I replied to an e-mail about pronouncing the "Groo Crew's" names and I seem to have replied instead of replying to all... whoever that was sent to, can you please post it to the groop?