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Re: M.E. polls the Groop

Jason Wade wrote:

>  Unless of course including the four issue stories
>would push the series
>  past "The Groo Zenana" (yes I had to get the
>dictionary out for that),
>  then they should be included just because of how
>fitting it would be
>  for the Groo Alphabet run to run out of Alphabet.

Zenana?  Sound like Xanana Gusmao - East Timor leader
who was freed by Indonesian 
before the East Timor referendum.

Anyway, Mark, you have to exclude the 4 series stories
in  the Epic series as there are 
120 Epic issues which means after divide by 4, there
will be 30 TPB issues but as we all 
know, there are only 26 letters in the alphabet.  From
here, my vote is to exclude 4 of the 
possible 4 issues that are related from the
alphabatical back issues series.   Wonder after 
Z, what it will be for the groo alphabatical series? 
"Groo: ****"  ?

The Malaysian grooper, the groo trooper.

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