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Re: M.E. polls the Groop

Mark Evanier wrote:

> 1. Do you have any reason to not like this idea?

And I responded:

    Not really.

Mark Evanier also wrote:

> 2. Which story-arcs from Epic/Marvel would you most like to see in
> this format?

And again I respond:

I liked the whole King of Cetero/ Amnesia one myself and the Granny Groo
series of tales.

Now's where I make my first answer sound completely stupid.
I do like the idea of characters being combined in a book, as was
suggested with Chakaal book, and
would find it interesting to see books based on the supporting characters
released.  (I enjoyed the torments of Captain Ahax and Weaver& Scribe
myself, though poor Ahax's misadventures with Groo would fill more than
one book.)

My two cents worth, which on the open market costs me about 85 cents to

J. Wynne