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Groo Sketch Card on Ebay

I just want the Groop to know that I have posted my Orig Groo Sketch Card up 
on Ebay.  It does hurt some to let it go, but to be honest I could really use 
the income that it will fetch for me.  Times are tough =( at the moment 
(hence all of my current auctions and my previous auctions in the past 6 
weeks).  I also know that nobody on the board really knows who I am with the 
exception of grossfam.  I don't post, but I do read most of the posts that 
come across.  I'm glad that so many people share the same enthusiasm for Groo 
as I do and have for the past 14 years.  I started collecting Groo around 
issue # 20 of the epic series.  I have been hooked since.  I even had the 
pleasure of meeting Sergio back in 94 which is my biggest Groo highlight to 
date.  Even as rough as times are I will not give up my entire collection of 
Groo comics.  I have every issue dating back to Groo's first appearance.   I 
don't think that I could ever give those up.  I had really hoped to make the 
trip to join in on the fray at Groo Fest 2000, but the odds are quite against 
me.  I think I had better odds of winning last nights $140 Million Powerball 
lottery drawing which alas I did not win either =(  Oh well, life goes on and 
no harm done.  I will attach a pic of me (with one of my best buds) so that 
the Groop can see the face of yet another newbie.  Thanks for taking the time 
out of your schedule to read all of this.  Take care.


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