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Re: M.E. polls the Groop

Hi Folks!

Just got back from being gone for 3 days, which included visiting my son at
college in Portland, taking a little tour of Dark Horse Comics, and not
quite being 100% from having had the flu.

Here's my 2 Kopins on the TPB.  First, like Azamin said, the alphabet will
run out before the groops of 4 stories do, so it will work out great to have
some of the multi-issue stories pulled out of the alphabet sequence.  I can
think of no reason for not doing this.  And of course, The Thaiis Legend,
Wager of the Gods, and Groo:Man of the People, are the most obvious choices.

I don't know what kind of flexibility Mark & Sergio have as far as how much
they can put in one book, but putting all the "Return of Chakaal" (#49-#53)
issues in one book and not in the alpha sequence would  also work out great.
It would be like putting 6 issues in one book, (#50 is a double issue) .
btw, the Spanish TPBs reprint 6 issues and this is what they did with those
Chakaal issues.

I know Mark asked a very simple question and we are not necessarily giving
simple answers, but I also like the idea of filling in the "4th spot" after
putting that three-part story in TPB with a reprint of the shorts from
Wizard, DH Jr. Presents, and a new short original story.  Or an issue length
new story.  There may be various reasons why this is not a good idea from
Mark & Sergio's side.  But there is a four-page original story in Chronicles

btw, someone sort of asked about this: Thaiis is a caricature of Sergio's

Take care all -Gary G.