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Visit to Dark Horse

Hi again Folks!

I got to take a little tour of Dark Horse Comics on Friday and it was pretty
cool.  We met editors and in-house colorists and the folks who do the
marketing.  And others who design boxes and ads and other promos. We also
met the guy who oversees the color separation process before the licensed
properties stuff is sent off to the printer in Canada. He said they are
trying to do more and more of those things in-house to maintain high
quality.   From the Groo Crew they receive everything on disk but also
Sergio's original art.  They said it works a little different with each
Maverick team.   Anywho, it was all pretty cool and EVERYBODY was extremely
nice.  My wife, who has very little interest in comics, found it all very
interesting too.  Like I said, it was cool.

btw, there has been a lot of talk about Usagi action figures and Usagi cold
cast statues.  You can get the statue through Dark Horse/Things From Another
World.  The action figure is licensed through Antarctic Press Toys. That's
the name on the box.

Anywho, Dark Horse Rocks!  Take care all -Gary G.