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Re: Groo Sketch Card on Ebay

I just want the Groop to know that I have posted my Orig Groo Sketch >Card up on Ebay. It does hurt some to let it go, but to be honest I >could really use the income that it will fetch for me. Times are >tough

Yeah, you look like a poor guy (which the large house and shining car truly proves). I'm sure you'll need those dollars for your survival.

I'm glad that so many people share the same enthusiasm for Groo
as I do and have for the past 14 years. I started collecting Groo >around issue # 20 of the epic series. I have been hooked since. I >even had the pleasure of meeting Sergio back in 94 which is my >biggest Groo highlight to date. Even as rough as times are I will >not give up my entire collection of Groo comics. I have every issue >dating back to Groo's first appearance. I don't think that I could >ever give those up. I had really hoped to make the trip to join in >on the fray at Groo Fest 2000, but the odds are quite against me.

A swedish king, Charles XII, even had a word for this sort of "yeah-yeah"-talk. The word was"lappri".

Go sell your unique signed Sergio card Mr.Profit, but dont moralize over it; and I hope that the few dollars you'll recieve will feel real bad in your greedy pocket.

Dont sell art if you've not bought it!


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