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BOOGEYMAN was a series of spooky (but very funny) comics where villains
have scary and appropriate things done to them.  There is a TPB of the
series available; you should be able to order it.

Other comics?  Well, Sergio does a lot of work in MAD Magazine.  Evanier
does a LOT of extra stuff (he's in the credits on the "Garfield" cartoon
show).  A couple recent one-offs they did together (all of which I
missed) included a six-issue series of funny sketches w/out words and two
separate comics entitled "Blair Which?" (a parody of the Blair Witch
film) and Sergio Stomps Star Wars.  I think you can imagine what that was
about.  I didn't get mine, all the Star Wars fans here snapped them up in


On Mon, 6 Mar 2000 tricia@radiocbs.com wrote:

> Hi Groop!
> I was just perusing issue #4 of the first Dark Horse Groo miniseries and
> I noticed an ad for The BOOGEYMAN by Aragones and Evanier.  Can anyone
> tell me more about this comic and how many issues were available
> (Mark?).  Also.......I'm interested in knowing about any other comics
> created by Aragones and Evanier.
> THANKS!  Goalielover
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