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Re: Groo Sketch Card - Eric, help! :)

"Slaubaugh,Mike" wrote:
> >Go sell your unique signed Sergio card Mr.Profit, but dont moralize >over it; and I hope that the few dollars you'll recieve will feel real >bad in your greedy pocket.
> >
> >Dont sell art if you've not bought it!
> >
> >Oskar.
> Your post attaching Jason was highly uncalled for and inaccurate, Oskar.
> You state "Don't sell art it you've not bought it".  That makes no sense in this situation since Jason DID buy the art (after all, he was the one that bought the pack the card was pulled from).  Therefore, he has EVERY right to sell it and I wish him the best in his auction.
> Perhaps you should heed your own advice about moralizing over an issue, Oskar.
> Mike S.

Eric?? We need a voice of reason. Failing that, let me try. I also was
surprised at the strength of Oskar's reaction, Mike. But then I checked
ebay & saw the card is listed for $250, and that doesn't even meet the
reserve. Now, I know BOTH Mike & Oskar have been on the list for ages,
and both are good chaps, so before everybody gets bent out of shape all
over the place, why don't we just go with the fact that it IS that
fellow's card, and he IS welcome to sell it for whatever he thinks he
can get. And, Oskar, he is perfectly within his rights to make whatever
"statement" he wants to about selling it. As to the sincerity or honesty
of the statement, the Groop is pretty discerning gang...let them decide
for themselves. Otherwise, you come across like a nasty heavy yourself,
Oskar, and I *know* that's not true. This is "the Groop", gang!! And
unfortunately, the real world is FAR from ideal, but in our own little
corner of cyberspace here, let's keep it all to hugs, kisses, admiration
for the Groo Crew, bad jokes, cheese dip, shameless plugs, and questions
for M.E. :)


PS Fine time to take a coffee break, Eric!! ;)