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My response to Ozkhaar


I'm sorry that you feel such hatred for me even though you don't even know 
me.  I think that what you have had to say to me is completely uncalled for 
and completely inconsiderate.  I have every right to sell the card.  I pulled 
it from a pack the day that the cards arrived at my local comic shop.  I have 
owned it for how many years already?  What's going on in my life at the 
moment is completely personal so I do not feel in any way that I need to 
justify the specifics as to why I'm offering up the card.  All I know is that 
the income that comes from it will be greatly appreciated and quite helpful.  
I have had to auction off too many of my personal belongings as of late just 
to get close to making ends meet.  Responses like yours are exactly why I 
just read posts and never post on boards because I do not feel that anyone 
deserves to be flamed.  I was brought up to either say something nice or just 
not to say anything at all.  Consider it this way.....  what did you benefit 
out of flaming me?  All you did was waste your own time, other members of the 
groop, and mine.   I apologize to the groop for what has occurred here.