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Re: Re[2]: Groo Sketch Card on Ebay

I know it doesn't sound very moral of him to benefit of Sergio's goodwill, but
it's a sad fact of life. He can only sell it if there are people out there who
wants to buy it.

And unfortunately for people like me, this is the only practical way I'll ever
get to own some Sergio memorabilia. Most of the comicons seems to be in US or
Europe, and for people in Australia and Asia, the chances of Sergio or Mark
appearing is very slim.

bennido aka kool kat

>Go sell your unique signed Sergio card Mr.Profit, but dont moralize >over it;
and I hope that the few dollars you'll recieve will feel real >bad in your
greedy pocket.
>Dont sell art if you've not bought it!

Your post attaching Jason was highly uncalled for and inaccurate, Oskar.

You state "Don't sell art it you've not bought it".  That makes no sense in this
situation since Jason DID buy the art (after all, he was the one that bought the
pack the card was pulled from).  Therefore, he has EVERY right to sell it and I
wish him the best in his auction.

Perhaps you should heed your own advice about moralizing over an issue, Oskar.

Mike S.