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Re: Re[2]: Re[2]: Groo Sketch Card on Ebay

Errm ... did i err ? ... okay, I stand corrected ... apologies to Jason ...

As for Groo stuff in general, if it wasn't for people like Jason who are putting
the rare Groo stuff up for sale (for whatever reason), I would probably never
get to own any Groo memorabilia.

Thanks for sharing ....

bennido aka kool kat

To:   Groop@groo.com
cc:    (bcc: Benny Ng/Sydney SPL/Group)

Subject:  Re[2]: Re[2]: Groo Sketch Card on Ebay

Benny Ng wrote:  I know it doesn't sound very moral of him to benefit of
Sergio's goodwill, but it's a sad fact of life.


Your statement that Jason is benefitting from Sergio's goodwill is very
inaccurate.  Jason bought pack that was sold to the general public and happened
to get the insert card.  Anyone who bought the chance had an equal chance of
getting one of those 50 sketch cards.  He did NOT ask Sergio to do draw the art
for him personally.  Insert cards exist for one reason...to increase sales of
the cards and that benefits both the manufacturer AND Sergio.

This is VERY different situation than someone going to a comic con, having
Sergio sign and/or draw something for free and then that person turns around and
sells it.  That would potentially constitute an abuse of Sergio's goodwill (and
seems to be the type of situation you are addressing in your post), but such was
NOT the situation in Jason's case.  Therefore, you have erroneously criticized
him without knowing all the facts.

Mike S.