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Re: Groo Sketch Card on Ebay

On Tue, 7 Mar 2000 10:02:55 +1000, "Benny Ng" <"Benny_Ng"@splwg.com>

>Your statement that Jason is benefitting from Sergio's goodwill is very
>inaccurate.  Jason bought pack that was sold to the general public and happened
>to get the insert card.  Anyone who bought the chance had an equal chance of
>getting one of those 50 sketch cards.  He did NOT ask Sergio to do draw the art
>for him personally.  Insert cards exist for one reason...to increase sales of
>the cards and that benefits both the manufacturer AND Sergio.
>This is VERY different situation than someone going to a comic con, having
>Sergio sign and/or draw something for free and then that person turns around and
>sells it.  That would potentially constitute an abuse of Sergio's goodwill (and
>seems to be the type of situation you are addressing in your post), but such was
>NOT the situation in Jason's case.  Therefore, you have erroneously criticized
>him without knowing all the facts.

ME: I agree with this...and I'm sure Sergio would, as well.

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