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Re: Groo Sketch Card - Eric, help! :)

> This is "the Groop", gang!!
> in our own little
> corner of cyberspace here, let's keep it all to hugs, kisses, admiration
> for the Groo Crew, bad jokes, cheese dip, shameless plugs, and questions
> for M.E. :)
> Kevin

Amen to that, Kevin!  I was going to chime in with a simple "I agree with
Mike S." , but an "I agree with" from M.E. & Sergio pretty much ends the
discussion on that point.  (Thank goodness!)   As for the vehemence of the
flame, a note to all newbies:  We just don't do that here.  Unless of course
you want to talk about those rotten little girls who used to beat me up in
kindergarten, steal my lunch money, and put worms in my milk.  You can say
anything you want about them.  -Gary G.